“Stones” includes jewelry designed to highlight beach stones from my native Rhode Island (the “My America” series) and purchased cabachons (the "Stone Translations" series) with intriguing patterns from which I can make a small wearable artwork.

jewelry pendant beachstone

This series began with the "My America" pieces. The stones I found on the beaches of Rhode Island fascinated me and replaced my use of textile patterning; i.e. the stones provided color, shape and texture. I did nothing to these stones except rinse them. It was important for me to leave them totally as Mother Nature made them. I literally built  them "homes" away from their natural environment...homes that I felt were reminiscent of the places from which they came.

jewelry pendant stones

Cut and Polished Stones

My use of beachstones led me to pursue other alternatives to textile patterning and structures. I suddenly found myself fascinated with lapidary work, especially Picasso marbles, agates and other stones that had intriguing colors and abstract patterns. In this case, I've selected stones from which I can translate both pattern and shape to create a complete composition, i.e a fully developed brooch and/or pendant.

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